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Otoric has a great selection to offer to its customers in both consumer electronics and general merchandise


Otoric provides a large variety of laptops, multi-line office telephone, Network printers, and etc.


Please visit us on Newegg , Amazon and Walmart .


In recent years we have focued in certain sectors including gaming. We present a wide range of gaming laptops, and etc

Mining Rigs

We will help you participate and benefit from this technology by becoming a pioneer in a most promising field of crypto mining.

Fast and Reliable!

By having access to some of the best vendors and well-known brands in hardware and also utilizing our experienced certified technicians, we are confident that we could built the best computers according to your needs and budget.

Mining Rigs


Work Station

Gaming and Streaming

Network Monitoring

Our Network Monitoring Service allows us to monitor key areas of your network for potential problems. This service automatically alerts the consulting staff once an issue is identified.


As part of our IT systems, we place a very high importance on successful backups. We provide customized backup jobs based on client’s needs on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Hardware Optimization

Our clients demand constant reliability and stability from their workstations, laptops and mobile devices. We ensure that our clients get the most out of their computer technology, right down to the device.

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