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Mining Rigs

By having access to some of the best vendors and well-known brands in hardware and also utilizing our experienced certified technicians, we are confident that we could built the best computers according to your needs and budget. learn more...

Custom Computer Installation

Thanks to the many years of experience and deep knowledge about how the electronic components work Our customized computers are much more than just computer parts put together. Whether you want more than a system off the shelf, or a customized name brand option for home, office, or business, we've got the solution.

Network Monitoring

Our Network Monitoring Service allows us to monitor key areas of your network for potential problems. This service automatically alerts the consulting staff once an issue is identified.


Antivirus is a critical security component for every business. Our clients benefit from an ongoing Antivirus management. Not only do we evaluate and select the best antivirus solutions available, we ensure that our clients are always up to date and benefit from the latest virus definitions

Hardware Optimization

Our clients demand constant reliability and stability from their workstations, laptops and mobile devices. We ensure that our clients get the most out of their computer technology, right down to the device.

Recovery Planning and Data recovery

Our Recovery Planning services help clients to plan, design and implement solutions for the continued operation of their business should an unexpected event occur. Whether the need is to recover a lost file or to prepare for the loss of an entire office, a wide range of solutions are available based on your requirements.


As part of our IT systems, we place a very high importance on successful backups. We provide customized backup jobs based on client’s needs on daily, weekly and monthly basis.